Where to buy hCG in Stores?

by Tim Lewis on July 19, 2011

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buy hcg Where to buy hCG in Stores?There are many sources for hCG but it is officially illegal to purchase without a prescription. Apparently it is possible to purchase hCG at a few chain stores in the US, including GNC, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. That is for genuine hCG, not the homeopathic version.


A bit of research turned up the GNC online shop, which details a product called hCG Platinum, which states on the label that is homeopathic. According to prior research, only genuine hCG is apparently effective. Still, there are a number of comments from customers, ranging from high marks to dismissals.


That said, it is obvious from a cursory online search that many more sites offer links to purchasing hCG online than in stores. It seems the availability of the drops in stores varies according to the state. It is also difficult to discern exactly who is selling theĀ  homeopathic form and who is selling the authentic hCG. Again, it is important to know where to buy hCG in stores.


A casual search also reveals that many dieters have strong opinions on online sources of the drops vs. in stores. Understandably, there is a common suspicion of purchasing medicine and dietary supplements online, particularly where there is little regulation of the thousands of sites offering this product for sale.


National standards for production of hCG are minimal, therefore allowing for an opportunity for unscrupulous sellers to create undetected placebos to offer as a genuine product to trusting online customers. It is therefore always a good idea to only frequent authorized, reputable vendors when purchasing any item, whether it be a garment or an ingestible medicine or dietary aid. If you like what you read, click here.

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