What are Fat Burning Injections?

by Tim Lewis on August 10, 2011

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Fat Burning Injections What are Fat Burning Injections?There are a number of fat burning injections currently on the market. One popular procedure is called lipo-dissolve injections, and it involves a fat burning chemical cocktail that is injected directly into the area which the dieter seeks to lose fat in, for example a double chin, in the hip area to combat love handles or in the bust to combat bra fat.


Lipo-dissolve injections are being marketed as a safer, less invasive option to liposuction, which can be relatively expensive and somewhat risky. There is also a quicker recovery than from cosmetic surgery, which is technically what liposuction is. Instead, lipo-dissolve is becoming more popular for treating small areas around the hips, chin, and bra area. Another term for the procedure, which is gaining in popularity, is injection lipolysis, or “flab jab.”


Understandably, this new procedure has its detractors or at least cautious medical practitioners. They say that lipo-dissolve has yet to be proved to be conclusively effective and may even be risky. Some physicians even recommend their patients refrain from fat-loss shots altogether, or fat burning injections.


Lipo-dissolve is somewhat reminiscent of an older procedure called mesotherapy, a procedure that involves injections of drugs, herbs, and vitamins to help melt away cellulite. Like mesotherapy, lipo-dissolve involves an injection of drugs, but otherwise it does not involve the injection of vitamins or herbs.

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